The new GALAXXY S Series

The GIESEMANN LED high-power floodlights of the GALAXXY series have been specially developed for use in damp and splash-water-prone areas as well as for outdoor use. All bodies comply with at least protection class IP 65 or higher.

Our 3 decades of experience with lighting for biological applications distinguish these luminaire series especially for use above large aquariums, in zoos or for lighting in parks.

With the addition of 395 nm LED diodes and different shades of blue and white the new Galaxxy S pushes deeper into the UV range and natural light and achieving a new level of coral and fish fluorescence. The Galaxxy offers a new balance of colour channels and LED mixing to provide the most flexible and balanced spectra available in professional aquarium lighting.

Reliable functionality as well as long-lasting luminaires are a question of heat management. Therefore, our lighting systems are designed in such a way that the temperatures of the LEDs and control units are kept as low as possible and a long service life is guaranteed.


Professionall High Power Light solution

  • Up to 640 watts
  • Up to 106,000 lumens
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Powder-coated aluminium housing
  • Optionally dimmable
  • Optionally Bluetooth control with lynk pro
  • Fanless louvre cooling
  • Colour temperature combinable/configurable
  • Adjustable light emission
  • Rotatable LED modules & adjustable light direction
  • Mounting bracket with adjustment scale, adjustable up to 270°
  • Beam angle 60° & 90°
  • Modular construction
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Spare parts available for many years

Perfectly illuminated

With a power consumption of up to 640 watts, state-of-the-art high-power LEDs and uniformly homogeneous illumination, it is one of the most effective luminaires for professional applications. Optimal PAR & PUR values make the GALAXXY S the perfect lighting for your project.

Modular construction

The advantage of this design is not only that the individual LED modules can be individually configured in terms of their light colour, but also that they can be easily replaced at a later date..

Flexible and versatile

3-dimensional adjustment of the mounting brackets for vertical and horizontal alignment of the luminaire. With permanently mounted lighting units, the exact position can be adjusted to the lighting requirements at any time.

Homogeneously illuminated

The adjustment scale is used to precisely set the beam angle of the entire luminaire. When using several lighting systems, these can be adjusted exactly evenly to achieve homogeneous lighting. The scale shows the exact beam angle.


Richer colours, more fluorescence and the ultimate balance between bright and actinic.  The Galaxxy sets the standard for professional full spectrum LED lighting for aquariums.

  • UV 395 nm
  • UV 410 nm
  • violett 425 nm
  • indigo 440 nm
  • royal-blue 450 nm
  • blue 460 nm
  • blue 470 nm
  • blue 480 nm
  • cyan 490 nm
  • white 3000 K
  • white 10.000 K
  • white 12.000 K



It is possible to control the Galaxxy S via existing building technology and utilise the DALI / 0-10V / PWM dimming capability.

The Galaxxy S can also be supplied with an optional smart module. This technology means that the luminaires can now be conveniently controlled via Bluetooth using the intelligent "lynk pro" app.

The "lynk pro" app enables the creation of daily schedules including weather simulation and moon phases. Simply create groups and control several lights at the same time.



Technical details

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